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Windows 10 app to block downloads

Microsoft is expected to roll out its Windows 10 Creators Update to the public this April (at the time of writing this article, the exact date has yet to be confirmed). It will include several bug fixes as well as an impressive feature which will let you block installation of WIN32 Apps and Software, otherwise known as EXE based applications.

Microsoft has confirmed that users will “now have the option to control what type of apps can be installed on your PC.” Basically, once the feature is turned on, if anybody tries to install a software which is not from the Windows store, it will give a warning saying:
You can only install apps from the Windows Store. Limiting installation to apps from the Windows Store helps to keep your PC safe and reliable.

The option is available under
Settings > Apps & Feature > Installing Apps > Choose where apps can be installed from. From here you can choose to only allow installation of Store apps, choose to be warned when installing a non-Store app but allow their installation, or choose to allow installation of apps from anywhere.

If you decide to only install apps from the Store, you will see a warning when attempting to install a non-Store app. “The warning will direct you to the Store where you can download an alternate app if available,” Microsoft has said.

The option is disabled by default, but it could be useful if you want to purposely prevent users from installing new programs, for example, in schools and businesses, and if you have multiple users on your computer, they will have to ask for a permission to get the installation done.

In addition, restricting the installation of Win32 programs should hopefully add an extra layer of security to help prevent malware from reaching a Windows 10 system, since many virus writers continue to rely on legacy desktop apps to spread infections across computers. But do note that it won’t provide a complete block on malware installation.

Other updates will include, amongst other things: improvements to Edge; more focus on 3D creativity; PC gaming improvements; a new Night Light which makes colour temperatures warmer at night so it’s easier on your eyes and easier to get to sleep right after using the computer, in theory.

So how do you get this update? If your PC is already running Windows 10, you should receive the Creators Update automatically since it's an update and updates in Windows 10 are installed when they're available. However, you can check for updates manually by going to Start, Settings (the cog icon), Update and Security, Check for Updates.