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Review Of 2015

We hope our blogs this year have been of some interest and help to you. Technology is a fast moving, ever-changing business and it’s sometimes hard to keep up, especially when you only use a computer every now and again. Let’s recap on some of the major happenings over the past year.

2015 saw the launch of Windows 10, replacing the much maligned Windows 8. This is the last major numbered release from Microsoft - future features and updates will be released on a regular basis instead of during a big release. So far the feedback has been mainly positive - approximately 110 million people throughout the world have upgraded to Windows 10. Remember that it is still free to upgrade to Windows 10 from an authentic copy of Windows 7 and 8.1 until July 2016. The main advantage of Windows 10 is that it can be used across all Microsoft devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and Xbox.

Although Windows XP reached its “End of Life” in 2014 (meaning that bug fixes, free assistance and upgrades were no longer available), Microsoft did continue to provide virus warnings. This support however ended in July 2015. In fact, there is no support out there at all now for Windows XP, therefore continuing to use it puts not only your system at risk but also the systems of other people.

As mentioned in several blogs, internet and phone scamming was rife in 2015. We have dealt with many customers who have fallen prey to these evil individuals who are simply out to make easy money. And they make it so easy for us to fall for their scams. For some people, owning a PC and using the internet is a big deal and with all the clamor surrounding keeping safe on-line, panic can set in and all they want to do it follow the advice of the person who has phoned them. So remember - NO ONE GENUINE WILL EVER phone you about a faulty computer. If you do receive a call from a so-called Microsoft engineer, put the phone down. NEVER give them passwords, access to your computer or bank details. EVER.

We have also seen a rise in the number of people who have come to us with recently purchased second-hand computers, which are not only faulty but also have non-genuine operating systems installed. Often these are very old laptops which have a more recent version of Windows illegally installed on them. Simply put, these older laptops weren’t built to run Windows 7 and 8. The laptops we’ve seen were all very underpowered XP machines and were purchased through places such as Facebook selling pages, Gumtree, boot fayres and disreputable computer shops. If you have been a victim of this practice, talk to Trading Standards and Microsoft.