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How To Add Images To Your Slider
  1. View your project in edit mode by clicking the edit button.
  2. Import or drag and drop an image into your editor.
  3. Double click the image and in the popup menu change the filename to something that starts with 'slide'.
  4. Add as many images as you want and make sure to also change the filenames to something that starts with 'slide' (e.g. slide-2.jpg, slide-3.jpg).
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Staying safe on face book

Having your Facebook account hacked is a nightmare. Having someone access all your private messages, contact your friends, abuse your Facebook page and delete your personal information is a true definition of an intrusion of privacy? It could be a hacker or even a so-called friend who gets hold of your password and posts offensive messages to your Facebook friends. There are however, some actions within Facebook’s settings you can choose to limit the chances of being hacked or cyber-bullied.
Enable Secure Browsing. This will, where possible, encrypt your activity on Facebook thus making it harder for others to access your Facebook information without your knowledge or approval.
Enable on Login Alerts. This will alert you by email or text if somebody who isn’t you is accessing your account.
Add a security code to new devices. For extra caution, set up Login Approvals. This will send a new security code to your mobile phone every time you log into Facebook from an unknown device, which you’ll need to use as your login password.
Change your password regularly and use a unique password. Create a strong Facebook password and make sure it is different from your other online passwords. Use a combination of small and capital letters, numbers and symbols.
Be wary of scams. To avoid downloading malware onto your computer, don’t click on suspicious links. You might even be asked to log in to Facebook again, although this time you’ll log into a different website set up by a hacker to steal your login information.
Keep Your PC Security Updated. In addition to keeping your antivirus updated, keep your Firewall switched on and updated, use the latest version of your chosen browser and regularly download security updates.
Add a secondary email ID to your account. In case your profile is hacked, Facebook will also send account recovery information to the secondary email ID.
Confirm your mobile number. That way, even if you lose or forget your password, Facebook will be able to send you a new one via text message.
Don’t ‘Keep Me Logged In’. At the Log In page, uncheck the checkbox that says Keep me logged in.
Sign Out after use. Lastly but probably most importantly of all, never forget to log out from your Facebook account.
If you believe your Facebook account has been hacked, go to the Facebook Account Compromise Reporting Page, and follow the instructions to report your account as compromised. For further information on Facebook security, go to