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8 is GREAT!

Windows 8 has received a LOT of flak since its launch 2 years ago, some justified but most was unfair. So I thought I’d spend this week’s blog waxing lyrical about why it’s Microsoft’s best operating system so far.
The first thing Microsoft got right is security. Even though Windows 8 isn’t bullet proof (but let’s face it, nothing is), it is by far and away their safest system. A good start for them was that for the first time they have included an antivirus program with Windows 8 and although it is not the best, it is on your computer from the moment Windows 8 is installed. The latest report I read confirmed that Windows 8.1 is 6 times safer than Windows 7. This is primarily down to Microsoft adding the Smart Screen phishing filter, which checks to see if the program you’ve just downloaded from the internet is safe and goes out of its way to stop you from installing it if it’s not.
Microsoft may have come to the Application Store much later than Apple and Google but they’ve done it right and they’ve done it well. The Store is a market place for obtaining programs, which are split into categories such as games, education and entertainment. They start at free for some and rise in price. But the important thing is that they are first vetted for viruses and malware by Microsoft therefore are much safer than a downloaded program from some random website.
Windows 8.1 is much faster than 7 at most things because Microsoft has changed the way that things run by optimising almost every component of the system. Even low-end laptops can boot up in 15 to 30 seconds - this was something only high-end gaming desktops could achieve with Windows 7. This has also made Netbooks a viable option again as under Windows 7 these little laptops weren’t much good. Now they fly with Windows 8 on them.
One of the objections we hear quite often about Windows 8 is that people can’t find anything. This has always puzzled me as the search functionality in 8 is amazing. From within the Start Menu just start typing - it searches both your computer and the internet for programs and data (pictures or documents). So if you type ‘control’ the Control Panel will appear.
Finally, if you already have Windows 8 installed, you really should update to 8.1 – it’s free.